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The Attraction of Exclusivity

Introduction – Exclusivity People have a natural desire to be distinguished, noticed, special. This realty comes into play even when making decisions about where to dine. Creating an ambiance of exclusivity can generate strong attraction for your restaurant....

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Marketing Risks That Are Worth It

Introduction – Marketing The average person has the attention span of a goldfish. We live in a fast-paced world, focused on immediate results. Restaurants face the ever-mounting task of creating brand awareness in a congested and competitive arena....

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Know When to Play It Safe

Introduction – Know When to Play It Safe With the emergence of numerous technologies with potential restaurant applications, there is a temptation to purchase every new gadget and software available. We are programmed to appreciate the status associated...

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More than Packaging

Introduction – More than Packaging Of the many details that go into running your restaurant, there is one area that is probably low on your radar: takeout packaging. You may have, somewhat reasonably, assessed that packaging is of minimal...

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Spread the Love

Introduction – Spread the Love Valentine’s day is right around the corner and that means: engagements! Research suggests that around one million people will become engaged on Valentine’s Day, which represents billions of dollars in revenue. Restaurant’s play a...

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Stay Dynamic

Stay Dynamic The restaurant industry is volatile and in a constant state of flux. The rate of change is growing exponentially as restaurants choose to leverage technology in new and creative ways. No one knows for certain what the...

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