About Best Metropolitan Linen

Why we do what we do?

We want to carry on the excellent legacy of our family business.  Part of that legacy is our dedicated staff and hardworking employees.  We are indebted to our loyal and faithful employees who have worked for us for many years – some for over 30 years.  Their commitment and dedication are what has made our business so successful.   Our employees take pride in the fact that they are part of our family oriented business. They have helped us build Best Metropolitan to become the leading and premiere linen rental company of the tri-state area.

How we do business.

We are a total service restaurant linen provider that accepts very minimal errors.  We hold ourselves to a high standard.  We try to derive quick remedies for any possible conflict that could arise.  Best Metropolitan strives to treat even the smallest customer just as good as our largest.   And our goal is for every customer to receive our top-notch service and care.

What we are most proud of as an organization?

First, we are proud of our tradition and history.  We are a three-generation family business, founded in 1946 by Max Spatt, a Czechoslovakian immigrant.  When Max came to the United States, after fighting in World War II, he began selling Bar Mops, Beauty Parlor/Barber towels and Hand towels throughout the New York Metropolitan area.  His business grew and eventually his son in law, Edward, purchased the business and expanded the family dream with his wife, Lenore.  Today Lenore and Edward Jr. continue the first-rate operation of the business, after the sad passing of Edward Sr.

The BMT family of dedicated personnel continues Max and Edward’s tradition and commitment by making sure you get your desired linen needs from our shelves to your businesses in record timing.

What does our company stand for?

We stand for perfection.  We strive to deliver perfect service and customer satisfaction even if it means delivery on holidays.  We go above and beyond the required service to make our customers satisfied and happy.

What do we stand against?

We don’t accept excuses.  We don’t use the words – problem, can’t, won’t, or don’t.  They are not part of our vocabulary during work hours.  We don’t use negative words and we endeavor to look at every situation through positive lens.  We look for the positive in everything.   All needs and challenges are an opportunity to problem solve and find solutions.