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10 Creative Christmas Cocktails

While 2020 hasn’t been bursting with traditional holiday celebrations (can you say quarantined Halloween), we’re happy to see that Christmas is far from canceled. While we may not be attending crowded holiday parties or concerts like we would in...

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The Future Of Ghost Kitchens In NYC

With the advent of post-quarantine business strategies, the traditional restaurant model has practically become a thing of the past. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have adopted the renaissance of delivery-only restaurant services, known as ghost kitchens, into the changing market. What is...

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Post-Storm Assessment

Fact There are certain days of the year in which restaurants know that they are going to be slammed with guests. New Years, Valentines day, Mother’s day are prime examples of occasions where restaurants can expect to be overwhelmed...

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Protect Your Assets

Running a successful restaurant is a grueling job. The reality is that restaurateurs must devote most of their waking moments to maintaining their business in order to stay afloat. This requires tremendous personal sacrifice. So why invest the prime...

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3 Ways to Make Your Food Instagrammable

Social media influences consumer trends in every market. Those in the restaurant industry are perfectly poised to harness its power. Meals are a hot-ticket item on Instagram. Posting pictures of food and people enjoying a meal is a social...

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Working in the Restaurant Industry

The food industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. If you want to maintain a high performance level, you need a strategy to develop a positive outlook. Energy as well as motivation are finite. Take...

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