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Feed Your Waitstaff

Introduction – Feed Your Waitstaff Customers go into a restaurant expecting that their waiter or bartender will be familiar with the menu. They want to be able to ask “is the curry spicy?” or “are your fish and...

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Inspired Managers Lead Better

Introduction – Inspired Managers Lead Better Many restaurateurs assume that slightly higher pay fairly compensates their management staff for their added responsibilities. This is shortsighted. Managers comprise a small portion of your restaurant staff; thus, it is easy to...

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Cut Sneaky Costs

Don’t Forget the Details –  Cut Sneaky Costs Restaurants lose a lot of money by neglecting areas in which small amounts of money are siphoned off unnecessarily. One of the major areas in which this occurs is accurate shift...

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Protect Your Assets

Protect Your Assets Running a successful restaurant is a grueling job. The reality is that restaurateurs must devote most of their waking moments to maintaining their business in order to stay afloat. This requires tremendous personal sacrifice. So why...

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