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How to Avoid Crisis Mode

Introduction – Crisis mode Despite your best efforts, you will encounter disgruntled guests and employees from time to time. Mistakes and unforeseen circumstances are a part of life. The best approach to handling these situations is adopting preventative...

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image-hands-Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work The competitive nature of business can create a hostile, cut-throat environment; the “every man for himself” attitude. However, there are perks associated with “looking out for the other guy”. You don’t have to operate...

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Inspired Managers Lead Better

Introduction – Inspired Managers Lead Better Many restaurateurs assume that slightly higher pay fairly compensates their management staff for their added responsibilities. This is shortsighted. Managers comprise a small portion of your restaurant staff; thus, it is easy to...

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Communication is Key

Introduction -Communication is Key Communication is the cornerstone of every good relationship. This is true even of relationships of utility, such as between restaurateur and client, and the relationship between coworkers. The trouble is, certain personality types do...

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Play It Safe

Introduction – Play It Safe The most expensive liabilities are the ones you don’t anticipate. Onsite injuries or emergencies can be a huge drain on your restaurant’s finances and reputation. In order to avoid excessive costs, a thorough...

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